Airbrush Accessories


MXA001 Panzer Putty

Panzer Putty is a dilatant Silicon Putty. It changes its behaviour depending on the force applied. With low force you can easily shape it. A Panzer Putty ball would bounce like a rubber ball, it will splinter when hit with a hammer and breaks smooth when ripped apart. It is not oily or sticky and does not dry and is therefore an ideal tool to airbrush patterns on your models. And not only once but many times.

Here you can find some tips & tricks in pdf format.


Airbrush Masks

MX35001 Hetzer, Skoda Ambush

MX35002 Hetzer, BMM Ambush

MX35003 Hetzer, late

MX35004 Panther Ambush Scheme

MX35005 Hetzer, Skoda Patches

MX48001 Hetzer, Skoda Ambush

MX48002 Hetzer, BMM Ambush